Monday, July 30, 2007

Experts exchange solutions

These are the best solutions provided by the experts in the for the last week.

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.NET Compact

Some good links July 30

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A Generic State Machine and Attempt to Generic Component -

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Email templates -

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Interview questions

Long time ago Scott Hanselman post a blog's articles about ASP.NET Interview Questions and more generic questions about .net.
Today I have read another blog's post of Rodney Vinyard that gives more questions about interview about .Net framework - check it out.

New : Giving and taking an Interview (A brief article on interviewing both as an interviewer and interviewee)
New : IIS and .NET 2.0 interview questions Interview questions for .NET (Update 13/08/2007)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

.NET Tips & Tricks by Michael Nemtsev

Today I've been reading about new features in .NET Framework, how the things can become better from a developer point of view and discovered an article written by Michael Nemtsev, Microsoft MVP that is collect a really huge list of facts and tips about .NET Framework - general issues, thrading, web applications, etc. Also this list become much more valued with the attached links with more information about each tip.

You must read and try to learn it as much as you can.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Count .NET projects lines

When developing an application using either C#, Visual Basic or C++ in .NET projects we discard to think about what is the amount of the code that we produce, what of the code is commented, etc.
However it is very usefull to have information how many lines of code are written in a file or in a project. Also how many lines of comments are included and so on.
This kind of information will not change anything in your project but should you direct you if the things are going well and can quickly answer you some simple questions - Is there any comments in this file/project? What is the total amount of code lines produced from the beginning of the project? What is the correlation between the autogenerated code and your 'true' code.

I've found a very nice utility that counts the number of lines in a C#, VB or C++ .NET solutions or projects related with the above questions.

Check this out.

How I am becoming a better developer, part 1 of infinity

Today I've read some very useful blog post that show me a Justice Gray's post about what and how a professional can be more than professional. Read this post! It's worth!! Also there are links to very cool and usefull books.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Create an ASP.NET ProgressBar

I was facing a lot of questions like "How to see the progress of uploading large files on my web site?" or "Can I integrate an upload progress in my web pages?" and etc. I have found a very good article for creating such progress bar on CodeProject but today reading the blog finds out that it can be much easier to do that stuff. Check this article and make your life happier.

New (24/7/07): Here is another progress bar using ajax: AJAX file upload