Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A trip to an ancient world

Last week my dream came true - I've been on a trip to Rome.
Just one week that allows me to see some of the greates things of the world - monumentals, churches and wonderful night life.

It was a pleasure to see another world that was the most powerfull empire in the past. Everything in Rome is fulfilled with energy, glory of the past and smile of the present.

This is a town where you can spent a life and a half to see, understand and become a part of it - not more or less. A life and a half. You can see a monumental or a church right after each corner, you can feel the power of the Catholic Church (even you are not a Catholic).

However I felt the calmness only in those small churches that you can not see on the map. The cursches on those small streets that are not named on the map.

When you see the gloriest Basilica St. Pietro, the Vatican's Museums you will understand why you must another life and half devoted to Rome.

And of course the trip will be incomplete if you don't feel the night life of rome with all the smiled faces of the Italian people, artists and musicians.

If you can afford it - you must definitely go to Rome.


Justice~! said...

Martin, that looks absolutely *amazing*. I am terribly jealous!! While Vancouver is always my home of home, I will grudgingly admit that Rome looks okay too. ;)

Martin Marinov said...

It looks *amazing* but in matter of fact it is more than that!

Maya said...

I'm glad to read this post. I have the same dream :)